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Allegiant Animal Care is an insured and licensed provider of high-quality, in-your-home pet sitting and dog walking for families who want professional and personal care for their furry family members. Allegiant Animal Care gives your pets the unconditional love they need while allowing them to stay in their familiar, comfortable environment. We offer everything from daily dog walking to overnight and extended stays, with all the love, belly rubs, kisses and playtime your pets need!

We know that your animals are much more than pets, they are family members. They capture our hearts, share our homes, and in many cases are given the same status as our children. We also understand that you cannot be with your four-legged children all day, every day, but you can help your loved one be more content during the times you are away with help from us at Allegiant Animal Care. We love animals and believe that your pet is the happiest and healthiest in their own surroundings, just like you.

We strive to maintain your pet's normal daily activities and provide unconditional love along the way. 

Pet Sitting               Vs.           Pet Boarding

  • We do not mix dogs from different homes on walks
  • Your pets stay in their own home, and do not interact with other pets except those in their own household.
  • Pets are most comfortable in their own home environment.
  • We maintain pet's routine.
  • Your pet(s) receives one-on-one attention.
  • We take care of your home in addition to your pet---we pick up mail, newspapers and packages, water plants, take out/return trash receptacles.
  • These home care services are included at no extra charge and can be a crime deterrent.
  • No need to transport your pet anywhere before leaving town.
  • Pet is waiting for you, at home, upon your return.
  • Some dogs may not be a candidate for boarding due to temperament.
  • Senior dogs & cats appreciate the calm home environment.
  • Pets with unique health, diet, medication, or schedule requirements benefit from single caregiver attention.
  • Dogs in boarding can pass illnesses to each other due to the group interactions.
  • Group dog play with minimal supervision can lead to dog-on-dog injuries or illnesses
  • Many dogs feel stress due to unfamiliar environments.
  • Boarding facilities set their own routines.
  • Many dogs feel stress being forced to relieve themselves indoors.
  • Several people are responsible for all pets cumulatively.
  • One-on-one attention is often billed as an additional service.
  • Home care is not provided.
  • Must drop off pet at boarding prior to leaving town.
  • Pet can only be picked up/dropped off during the facility's open hours.
  • Some facilities require flea and deworming packages.
  • Vaccine requirements.
  • Senior pets may not do as well in boarding facilities due to lower energy levels, or aching joints.
  • Usually a minimum age limits for puppies.

What does Allegiant Animal Care offer that Wag! and Rover don't?‚Äč

Both companies are "tech" companies and the people running these offices are mostly familiar with writing code rather than putting on a dog harness. Their apps are great to connect walkers and clients, but that is where the pet element stops.

  • Allegiant Animal Care employees have a well-documented professional history working with animals. All employees are assessed for animal handling ability and skill, and go through several weeks of training with the owner.
  • We KNOW who is sitting your pets! We do criminal background checks, personality assessments, check references and invest time and money to make sure we know who is coming into your home.
  • Allegiant Animal Care requires a consultation before providing any services. This eliminates the chances of a frightened pet or one that runs away. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss your pets needs in detail and help offset potential problems.
  • Safety is our #1 concern. We are trained in pet first aid, canine and feline body language, basic obedience, and can make the correct judgement call about the health and wellness of the pets you are leaving behind.
  • We have legal documents to sign, liability insurance, bonding and accountability.
  • Allegiant Animal Care has a back up plan in place and knows how to deal with not only pet emergencies, but home emergencies as well.
  • As professionals, we put our heart and soul into caring for your loved ones.