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We Service Many Areas in York County Including:

• Conewago Township

• Dallastown Borough

• Dover Township

• Dover Borough

• East Manchester Township

• Hellam Township

• Hallam Borough

• Jackson Township

• Lower Windsor Township

• Manchester Borough

• Mt. Wolf Borough

• Red Lion Borough

• Seven Valleys Borough

• Shiloh Borough

• Spring Garden Township

• Spring Grove Borough

• Weiglestown Borough

• West Manchester Township

• West York Borough

• Windsor Township

• Windsor Borough

• Wrightsville Borough

• York City Township

• Yorkshire Borough

• York Township

What Does Allegiant Animal Care Offer?

• Your pets stay in their own home, and do not interact with other pets except those in their own household, preventing the passing of disease, injuries or illness.

• Your pet(s) receives one-on-one attention.

• We take care of your home in addition to your pet! We will gladly bring in mail, newspapers and packages, water plants, take out/return trash receptacles.

• Pets with unique health, diet, medication or schedule requirements, benefit from single caregiver attention.

• Allegiant Animal Care employees have a well-documented professional history working with animals. All employees are assessed for animal handling ability and skill, and go through several weeks of training with the owner.

• We KNOW who is sitting your pets! We do criminal background checks, personality assessments, check references and invest time and money to make sure we know who is coming into your home.

• Allegiant Animal Care requires a consultation before providing any services. This eliminates the chances of a frightened pet or one that runs away. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss your pets needs in detail and help offset potential problems.

• Safety is our #1 concern. We are trained in pet first aid, canine and feline body language, basic obedience, and can make the correct judgement call about the health and wellness of the pets you are leaving behind.

• We have legal documents to sign, liability insurance, bonding and accountability.

• Allegiant Animal Care has a back up plan in place and knows how to deal with not only pet emergencies, but home emergencies as well.

• As professionals, we put our heart and soul into caring for your loved ones.