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Furry, feathered, scaled or hairless, we treat your pets like our own.

In-Home Consultation:


A consultation is required for any new clients, or when adding a new pet to your family. This gives us an opportunity to meet you and y‚Äčour pet(s), & collect important information about them and your home.

15 Minute Visit:


Planning to be away from home for longer than your pet would prefer?

Our 15 Minute Visits are perfect for breaking up your pets day! These visits include a potty break, fresh water, and belly rubs.

30 Minute Visit:


Does your pet need extra time to socialize? Our 30 Minute Visits provide them with the extra time they need to explore their neighborhood, enjoy a meal, have their litter boxes scooped, and receive any necessary medication. 

45 Minute Visit


Our 45 Minute Visits are ideal for multi-pet homes. These longer visits allow the necessary time to provide care for each individual pet including feeding, walking, litter box scooping, and medication disbursement. We will also perform minor house needs as well (open/close curtains, bring mail and packages inside, take trash in/out, fill bird feeders and water plants).

60 Minute Visit:


If your pets do best with extra time and attention, then our 60 Minute Visits are perfect for them! We provide all services included in our 45 minute visits, but with more time for cuddles, belly rubs, and butt scratches.